Sunday, March 13, 2011

These are troubling times.

Well, Japan is in chaos and as such, the source for most of the content of this blog is in danger. Personally, I have several friends in Japan and one of them lives (lived, I guess) really close to the epicentre, I can't reach him at all right now. Expecting the worst :/. Some of my (rather distant) family lives near Sapporo, which is really far from these things, but with everyone expecting aftershocks, the nuclear reactor messing things up and so on, I'm really worried. My trip to Japan for Reitaisai got cancelled, too, a small thing, sure, but still :X . And I was looking forward to Touhou 13 a whole lot :X
And how about You? Has this had any effect on my dear readers (dunno if I still have any)? Discuss in the comments if you want.
On a more positive note, the long winter of 2010 is finally ending and my home town is thawing. Spring is my favourite time of the year and I'd really like to share the love with everyone so for my next post I'll take some pictures around town.
Keeping it short for today and leaving you a song I'm absolutely crazy about nowadays, Camo & Krooked - Climax, from a single of the same name, released last summer.

Camo & Krooked are signed to Hospital Records, if you like their stuff, show your support by buying their tunes.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Coming back alive, playing ragnarok again tho :/

The title says it all. The reason I stopped updating this blog was simple - I was just too busy. Now that the semester is over and I'm getting a longer break from everything, I'll start posting again. And with that, my first post of the year.
Ragnarok Online, an MMO I've played for some years now. Shit got boring at one point, everything was the same everywhere - builds, the way WoE went, the maps/monsters/etc got no upgrades whatsoever. Mostly because I only played private servers (lol). Well, I started playing again, hoping that things would be different this time around. I took about a week to do research on different servers and landed on CookieRO. And this server changed everything. Literally. It had the new Renewal client with all its features. What does Renewal change, you might ask? Well, I already said - everything. Unlike regular updates which only add maps, monsters and maybe a quest or two, this does the following:
* Changes the exp calculation (for needed exp to level up, it's much faster now, to 99 trans at least).
* Matches monsters' strength to reflect the map they're on (for example, payon dungeon 1 is no longer the place you go to straight after changing to your first job - familiars now have over 400 hp and hit pretty hard, zombies are way weaker than they used to be and skeletons are the strongest on this floor)
* Changes the way stats work. This part would take too long to describe so lets just say it made things harder. For more info on this, check out IRO wiki .
* Added a "new world" which is a bunch of new maps, complete with unique monsters, etc.
* Added third job classes - the main reason I'm playing again.

There's a ton more stuff it changed but I won't list them all because they're either minor changes or of no interest to me. Google up a changelog if you must know.
Info on the server I'm playing:
Exp rate 15/15/10, 2x droprate for MVP cards, 20x exp for quests. 
Max level 150/50 (99/50 for non-trans, 99/70 for trans)
Stat cap 120 (for third jobs, 99 for the rest)
Average player count (not counting merchants) is about 80.

So yea, join me if you want to check this out without having to endure the mind-numbing grind on IRO. My in-game nick is Kaguya Houraisan (I'm a faggot, I know. haha), an archbishop at lv 110/20 right now.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Lack of posts recently?

Yes. And i'll explain why. As you might know, i was at NYAF this weekend and i didn't get home til today. This is mainly because i ran into an old friend and decided to drink with him. I woke up yesterday night on the fucking plane, how twisted is that?
Oh well, anyway, The fall anime season has really hit things off and i'll be reviewing some of the better ones in tomorrow's post. For now, i need to play more Touhou and get over my damn hangover. And go jogging. And get a haircut (been postponing this for a while).
Anyways, i'll leave you today with this song, it's from MoF, stage 4.

Cheers, stay healthy and drink lots (but don't overdo it)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Capitalism, ho!

Oh god, this game. It's been keeping me up for days now. I can't stop playing it. Seriously.
Ok, anyways, lets get this over with so i can go back to play. This is the side of a normal RPG that you usually don't see - Adventurers kill shit in dungeons. Simple. That's not what you do, however. You're the one who supplies said adventurers with healing items and gear. Yeah, you run an item shop as an adorable loli. And that thing with wings? That's basically your boss. That fairy comes to your house one day to collect your father's debt, which is ridiculously huge (seriously). She leaves you with two options - pay up or lose the fucking house. During the game you lose your house rather often (more on that later). The weekly payments start at 10 000 and raise every week (second week is 30k, third 80k and fourth 200k). So what do you do to make profit? Yeah, if it was just selling, it wouldn't be too interesting. The game features a merchant's guild that provides you with items at some base price. The available items increase as your merchant level increases. Then there's the farmers' market that can have weird shit. To be capable of making profit with your shop, the second week introduces a feature - sometimes items drop and raise in price, sometimes the demand for certain stuff goes up and so on. So you buy like the most fucking expensive stuff you can while its cheap and sell it when the price goes up so you make like 4 times profit. Pretty fucking nice. Still, this isn't everything. Sometimes people will come in and ask for something not so specific, at which point you need to recommend something. Also, people like to place orders at your shop and pick them up later - this is a great way to sell more than one item at a time. Over time you can redecorate your shop (depending on your merchant level) - new floor tiles, carpets, walls, you can also enlarge your shop a few times. Another great part of this game comes with the adventurers' guild.
This guild has adventures for hire and you can enjoy some dungeon action with them. You kill shit, get loot to sell at your shop or use a fusion option with some monster body parts and regular market items to make stuff that's essentially the best in the game. Sound good so far? Well it's about to get pretty shitty in a second. Your gameplay is limited by time. Every day you have 4 periods of time: morning, noon, afternoon, evening. At night you sleep, naturally. Opening shop uses up one time period. Going shopping for shit to sell uses up one as well. Dungeons? Yeah they use 2. Taking into account your weekly payments, this means you're fucked. If you actually want to finish the game in one go (there are 8 weeks in game), you can't do anything but pull off genius sales, pump as much money out of people as humanly possible, only have stuff on sale that has increased prices and so on. The little girls will be your archnemesis (you'll know what i mean when you play). If you wanna go dungeon crawling with some dude who is willing to fucking die for you (but not take you in when you lose your house), you better get some epic loot. Else you'll end up like this.
Yeah, in a cardboard box. Now look what you did, that loli has to suffer cause of your stupidity. What did you do, sell candy to those lolis? Yeah, not the smartest move, they have no fucking money and you can't rip them off even with cheap items. Don't worry tho, your soul isn't on its way to hell just yet. Every time you lose your house, you simply restart from week 1 but you keep everything - store expansions, items, money, adventurers' cards. And adventurers keep their levels. I'm on my 8th round right now. Cause i'm a failure when it comes to running a shop. I like those little girls so i sell them cheap candy. I like those damn dungeons cause i get epic loot. What i don't like is sitting in the store all day. Anyways, i think this round will end it for me cause i've got so much stuff saved up that, really, you wouldn't believe. As the screenshots show, the graphics aint much tho (pretty much psx-level or so) but the sounds fit well. I do recommend turning the voices off because the cliché anime girl squeaking will get on your nerves more often than not. Also, note that this isn't some weeaboo bullshit, it's actally fun for everyone so go get this game in whatever way you like ($20 on steam or torrent for free) and play.   Capitalism, ho! motherfuckers

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The "sorry i didn't post yesterday" update

I caught a cold yesterday, didn't even get out of bed, just called a friend over to take care of some stuff i had to do. She basically made me tea most of the day and we watched Highschool of the Dead (anime series that ended around 2 weeks ago i think, more on that later). I'm quite a bit better now, still got a runny nose, but i can manage that...
Today's update will be games. I'll start with the one i play most atm, the Touhou Project ( aka 東方Project or Project Shrine Maiden) series. It's a series of bullet hell games with a wide variety of characters and no copyright bullshit around it, which is why it's so popular. The person behind Touhou Project is ZUN, a middle aged beer lover with too much time on his hands, he single handedly writes music, draws the illustrations and programs the whole fucking thing. If that isn't amazing, i don't know what is. The first game was released on 1996 on the Japanese NEC-PC9801. 4 other games were released by December 1998, the first MS Windows game was made on 2002 and that is The Embodiment Of Scarlet Devil, the game in which my favorite character made her debute (Remilia Scarlet). The latest game released is labeled as 12.8 - The Great Fairy Wars, it is the 18th game in the series.  It's also fully translated by now and it was released this summer (comiket). Anyways, as i may have previously mentioned, this series is insanely popular. More doujins have been made of this than of anything else. The reason - you can freely use the character designs and names. Also, there's a ton of music remixes of touhou soundtracks (look it up on isohunt/tpb - there are torrents as big as 700+ gb dedicated ENTIRELY to touhou music). The gameplay, however, is HARD. Touhou is described as one of the hardest of its kind. It took me more than a year to be easily capable of beating EASY MODE in any of the games. It went pretty smooth from there, i started practising with hard mode and eventually managed to clear lunatic mode without using bombs/dying (yeah i skipped normal altogether). This is highly recommended, even if you're not much of a fan of the shmup genre. Why? The characters and storylines, also all the doujins are highly amusing, interesting and at times, fucking awesome. Also protip, start with the 8th game, Imperishable Night. It has the most work to do (most spells to unlock, etc) but it's also the easiest. If you feel like you'd like a challenge, start with Perfect Cherry Blossom, the 7th game, or the 11th, Subterranean Animism (hardest imo).
Pictures too? bleh, i'll go look some up, hang on.
Imperishable Night spellcards. Check them out, pretty pimp patterns there. It might seem insane but it's not that bad once you get in there and the feeling of accomplishment when you clear one is great.
Anyways, i'm out for the day, gonna drink a cup of tea and go to school. Also, GUILD concert tonight. See ya guys tomorrow, i've got another game for you.