Thursday, September 30, 2010

First post in October, newbie anime recs.

As requested in my previous post, i thought of introducing you guys to some anime.
Anime, just like movies, tv shows or games, are easily divided into genres. There's also a clear line between the mainstream and the not so mainstream/underground. A common misconception is that people write anime off as cartoons - they're for children and thats that. Just like with any game or movie, anime has a story to tell. These range from childish stuff that really is aimed at children, to severe mindfuck, horror and deep stuff children would never understand. Don't write it off as something silly is what i'm saying.
Starting off with anime you should watch if you haven't seen any before, ie the very best (first impressions can go a long way).
1. Death Note.
Anime fans knew this would be one of the first to show up. This is about a high-school student who's sick of the world. One day he finds a notebook titled Death Note and decides to pick it up. What he discovers is that this notebook can kill anyone, as long as you know their name and face. With this notebook he starts changing the world, eventually aiming to become the god of a perfect world. The mindgames in this one are amazing and it's overall rather interesting. It's one of the series where you cheer for the villain :D.
2. Monster. 
Monster is a dark anime about a doctor working in Germany. One day he saves a young boy who has been shot in the head but doing so loses him his carreer, his fiance, etc. Years later when an injured thief is brought to him and he tells him about some serial murders going on around there. Suddenly, the boy from back then, all grown up n shit, shows up and kills this man. The doctor is blamed for a big part of the murders because of that and he goes on a journey to clear his name, trying to find more about the young man too. Deep, dark and goddamn interesting. Nothing supernatural here.

3. Mushishi
Mushishi is quite a bit different from the two up there. It's set in feudal Japan, in a world full of unnatural phenomenon simply called mushi (=bug in Japanese). Mushi is a terrifying, primitive life-form that takes countless shapes and sizes, most of them directly affecting or even outright deadly to humans. The people who study and help others with mushi-related trouble are called Mushishi. This anime follows the travels of a man named Ginko. It's really a must watch to anyone interested in eastern cultures because this has a lot of it. This doesn't have much of a constant storyline, each episode tells its own.
With these three, i'm going to call it quits for the day or maybe write more in the evening. I just woke up, gotta have breakfast and go to work, plus this will turn out too tl;dr.
Cheers, enjoy the shows and go get drunk in the evening or smth, it's Friday after all.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Upcoming events v2

So after a day of drinking (maybe i should blog about drinking instead, hm?) and some school i decided to put my hangover time to good use and wrap this up - make a list of events i'm possibly going to. First off, the smaller one, New York Anime Festival.
NYAF was first held in 2007 with roughly 15 000 attendants. Right now that has grown to around 22 000. This annual convention is held on the second weekend of october this year, 8-10, at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center. As the name states, this is in New York. I was there last year and i had fun, definitely. The guest list this year makes it a con you shouldn't miss: Minori Chihara, Puffy Amiyumi, VAMPS, ichiP, Rachael Lillis, Jamie McGonnigal, Misako Rocks, Veronica Taylor, Tom Wayland, Tommy Yune, Disorganization XIII, Uncle Yo, Reni Mimura Crispin Freeman.
Chihara Minori, a voice actor with a ton of roles (Nagato Yuki from Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu and Chiaki Minami from Minami-ke, to name a few) and Puffy, a japanese band i like quite a lot, are my main attractions this time. Puffy had a cartoon on Cartoon Network a while ago, named Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi and they've been making music for quite a while now. Definitely worth checking out. 
Then there's the big one and the reason i'm probably not going anywhere else - Comiket. A legendary event, the comic market started on 1975 and is held twice a year, in summer and winter. With an attendance of over half a million, it's easily the biggest and most well known of its kind. The cosplay is going to be epic and same goes for my budget this year. Since i'm skipping all other conventions in the US, i'll have a little over 200k yen to spend. I still need to work out the accommodation bit tho (all my friends in Japan who i'd stay with happen to be away between dec 17 and jan 3, what are the odds, really, if you can help, say so in the comments) Held on Dec 29, 30 and 31, 3 full days of fun and sweaty otaku. Mostly sweaty otaku tho, it's actually a fight for one's life (and goods you want). Some stuff is so hot that you really need to run for it if you want a copy. I'd put a list of stuff here but i doubt i have any Japanese readers and i don't know any English sites like that (never bothered to look for any). 
Another thing i'll write about some time in the future is the hakurei jinja reitaisai which is kinda like comiket, with the small difference of being a touhou-only thingy. 
One last thing before heading off: blog has been updated. 8 new releases, haven't checked them out yet but i'll get to it eventually. 
And now, the song of the moment: 
 It's gotta be Danny Byrd, after all. He's back with a new tune and sounding better than ever. Pick up his latest shit on itunes store and make sure to check out the newest hospital podcast (it's a short video about Danny Byrd this time). Stay safe, don't drink too much and have fun, i'm off for the day.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Remilia Scarlet series 4 plush doll  IN STOCK !!!
A must have for any remi fan. I got a mail regarding my preorder this morning and they're down to only 3 pieces. GET ONE NOW. LIKE RIGHT NOW GODDAMMIT!!
Just for info, these usually sell out in a coupla days, especially the popular characters (like remi OH GOD SO CUTE).
So, any fans of the chibi vampire, ORDER NOW.

Longer post tomorrow morning, did some research on upcoming anime cons and interesting gigs across all of europe today. Looking forward to quite a few.
Also, i'm in need of some help - i need accommodation in osaka from dec 17 to jan 3 this year, going for comiket and visiting a few friends. Cheers and ORDER THE FUCK NOW

Peace, Andu.

Monday, September 27, 2010

End of summer, end of Animatsuri, celebrations and upcoming shit.

Ok, so first off, I happened to visit a local anime con (sorta, its small tho) this weekend. It started 1 am on saturday. At first i was sceptical, my first time here, after all. Didn't expect anything decent from a local thing. Met a friend in the ticket line, he got in as a photographer so he didn't pay. Gonna ask him for pics later...
Anyway, i looked through the (very very small) market on day 1, noticed Hellsing volumes 6 and 10 that a friend is missing from his collection and that was pretty much it, i either had everything else they had or i simply didn't want anything. Big deal, wasn't expecting much from this so no disappointment. Next i signed up for a Guilty Gear competition and played some total noobs for practice (was out of shape and it showed), then there was this.. uh, some martial arts demo which was rather boring (they did everything in slow motion bleh). After sitting that out i went out looking for some good cosplay and maybe a cute cosplayer to fuck or smth. Well, mission failed, the main cosplay event was on the next day. Rest of the day went by in the manga library. Day 2 was quite a bit more interesting, with japanese lectures, an eating contest and the cosplay event. I didn't personally take any pictures because the camera on my phone wouldn't do the costumes much justice (its the whatever thats on HTC Desire) so i'll wait for that friend i mentioned earlier to give me his. The mandatory characters that are present on any con were also here: At least 2 Naruto characters (both Sasuke this time *sigh*), Cloud (FFVII), Haruhi (SHのY) and Hatsune Miku (Vocaloid). The Miku was decent. Also, what i can remember was the human paladin from WoW, Hetalia characters Germany and Russia, Enma Ai (Jigoku Shoujo) and Akiyama Mio (K-ON) (both by this girl i know). Decent but only decent, really, nothing amazing. The latvian cosplayers were the best (expectably).
The Guilty Gear finals went as expected, the guy who beat me won. Also while i was away, the market had expanded with some small goods like keychains. I bought myself a claymore keychain (Teresa ftw). I didn't bother staying for the ceremonies or whatever and just went out to drink, got uberwasted and crawled back home. That was Animatsuri, a small event in Tartu, Estonia. People from the baltic states or finland might know. For me it was also the last event that still counted as a summer event cause after last night it got retardedly cold at night.
Coming up in the near future in all of Eastern Europe is a tour by a jrock/visual kei band named GUILD (thanks a lot for making yourself not google-able). These guys will also drop by Estonia (i think they're actually starting with estonia) on october 6. Tickets through paypal for 7 eur or 160 EEK (1 EUR = 15.6 EEK) for any finnish folk that wanna go. They also play in Latvia so Lithuanian dudes will prolly go there. Either way, just googled up the dates too.

the tour schedule has changed

*1st October - Ukraine, Kiev @ Otobe Festival (Bingo Entertainment )
*3rd October - Belarus, Minsk @ Higan Festival (Reaktor)
*6th October - Estonia, Tallinn @ Tapper
*7th October - Latvia, Riga @ Naba Klab
*9th October - Hungary, Budapest @ Crazy Mama
*10th October - Poland, Warsaw @ No Mercy
*12th October - Slovakia, Bratislava @ Randal Club
*13th October - Czech Republic, Prague @ Matrix
*14th October - Austria, Wien @ Kulturverein Reigen
*16th October - Germany, Cologne @ TBA
*17th October - Serbia, Beograd @ Ciklon
*20th October - Romania, Timisoara @ Scottish music pub
*21st October - Romania, Iasi @ The hand
*22nd October - Bulgaria, Sofia @ TBA
*23rd October - Romania, Bucharest @ The Silver Church Club
*24th October - Romania, Cluj @ Orish Music Pub

I'd link to their myspace but its godawful. Google up Kohaku Music for a link to get tickets. 
Adding a sample track too, i like them quite a lot.

Bah hope that worked. Anyways the dates are right there, the track should be up so moving on...
...Actually im gonna go do something productive and leave part 2 for another day (possibly tomorrow).

Sunday, September 26, 2010


How and why? Well i'm a university student so I have tons of free time between lectures and thanks to my higher than average intelligence, i pass my exams fairly easily. So free time. Basically this blog was made out of random boredom. Also, i'm suffering from a massive hangover right now and i really can't be bothered to get up.
What to expect? Lots of Japan-related stuff (anime and manga previews, reviews, recommendations, etc), touhou, cooking, tech like new phones, music reviews, movies etc etc. Everything i might think of one moment or another.
AND i'm addressing you, the reader. Yes, i know i will get a few. If nothing else then at least i'll make my friends read me haha.

Either way, adiós amigos, i'm off to think of something clever to write next time.