Monday, September 27, 2010

End of summer, end of Animatsuri, celebrations and upcoming shit.

Ok, so first off, I happened to visit a local anime con (sorta, its small tho) this weekend. It started 1 am on saturday. At first i was sceptical, my first time here, after all. Didn't expect anything decent from a local thing. Met a friend in the ticket line, he got in as a photographer so he didn't pay. Gonna ask him for pics later...
Anyway, i looked through the (very very small) market on day 1, noticed Hellsing volumes 6 and 10 that a friend is missing from his collection and that was pretty much it, i either had everything else they had or i simply didn't want anything. Big deal, wasn't expecting much from this so no disappointment. Next i signed up for a Guilty Gear competition and played some total noobs for practice (was out of shape and it showed), then there was this.. uh, some martial arts demo which was rather boring (they did everything in slow motion bleh). After sitting that out i went out looking for some good cosplay and maybe a cute cosplayer to fuck or smth. Well, mission failed, the main cosplay event was on the next day. Rest of the day went by in the manga library. Day 2 was quite a bit more interesting, with japanese lectures, an eating contest and the cosplay event. I didn't personally take any pictures because the camera on my phone wouldn't do the costumes much justice (its the whatever thats on HTC Desire) so i'll wait for that friend i mentioned earlier to give me his. The mandatory characters that are present on any con were also here: At least 2 Naruto characters (both Sasuke this time *sigh*), Cloud (FFVII), Haruhi (SHのY) and Hatsune Miku (Vocaloid). The Miku was decent. Also, what i can remember was the human paladin from WoW, Hetalia characters Germany and Russia, Enma Ai (Jigoku Shoujo) and Akiyama Mio (K-ON) (both by this girl i know). Decent but only decent, really, nothing amazing. The latvian cosplayers were the best (expectably).
The Guilty Gear finals went as expected, the guy who beat me won. Also while i was away, the market had expanded with some small goods like keychains. I bought myself a claymore keychain (Teresa ftw). I didn't bother staying for the ceremonies or whatever and just went out to drink, got uberwasted and crawled back home. That was Animatsuri, a small event in Tartu, Estonia. People from the baltic states or finland might know. For me it was also the last event that still counted as a summer event cause after last night it got retardedly cold at night.
Coming up in the near future in all of Eastern Europe is a tour by a jrock/visual kei band named GUILD (thanks a lot for making yourself not google-able). These guys will also drop by Estonia (i think they're actually starting with estonia) on october 6. Tickets through paypal for 7 eur or 160 EEK (1 EUR = 15.6 EEK) for any finnish folk that wanna go. They also play in Latvia so Lithuanian dudes will prolly go there. Either way, just googled up the dates too.

the tour schedule has changed

*1st October - Ukraine, Kiev @ Otobe Festival (Bingo Entertainment )
*3rd October - Belarus, Minsk @ Higan Festival (Reaktor)
*6th October - Estonia, Tallinn @ Tapper
*7th October - Latvia, Riga @ Naba Klab
*9th October - Hungary, Budapest @ Crazy Mama
*10th October - Poland, Warsaw @ No Mercy
*12th October - Slovakia, Bratislava @ Randal Club
*13th October - Czech Republic, Prague @ Matrix
*14th October - Austria, Wien @ Kulturverein Reigen
*16th October - Germany, Cologne @ TBA
*17th October - Serbia, Beograd @ Ciklon
*20th October - Romania, Timisoara @ Scottish music pub
*21st October - Romania, Iasi @ The hand
*22nd October - Bulgaria, Sofia @ TBA
*23rd October - Romania, Bucharest @ The Silver Church Club
*24th October - Romania, Cluj @ Orish Music Pub

I'd link to their myspace but its godawful. Google up Kohaku Music for a link to get tickets. 
Adding a sample track too, i like them quite a lot.

Bah hope that worked. Anyways the dates are right there, the track should be up so moving on...
...Actually im gonna go do something productive and leave part 2 for another day (possibly tomorrow).


  1. Wow, so many conventions in October.

  2. Waiting for part 2!

    Also wow @ calling Germany East Europe.. well, doesn't matter I guess :D

  3. I don't usually listen to music like this, but I kind of like the sample you posted. Do you have any other artists of the same genre you'd recommend?

  4. For some reason I've always liked listening to music in languages I don't understand. Good stuff. Lets me focus on the music alone.

  5. @everyone who wanted similar stuff to GUILD.
    GUILD is like a mix of traditional jrock and pop so it's a little difficult to find an analog. If I had to mention something tho, i'd go with Dir En Grey and their newest albums (the newer ones, uroboros and marrow of a bone are ALOT more metal than the old ones while the old ones are a mix of jrock and punk). It's the best i can do right now, since GUILD iself is a completely new thing to me and im sorta still discovering this genre myself. For any other jrock recommendations, just ask ;P