Thursday, September 30, 2010

First post in October, newbie anime recs.

As requested in my previous post, i thought of introducing you guys to some anime.
Anime, just like movies, tv shows or games, are easily divided into genres. There's also a clear line between the mainstream and the not so mainstream/underground. A common misconception is that people write anime off as cartoons - they're for children and thats that. Just like with any game or movie, anime has a story to tell. These range from childish stuff that really is aimed at children, to severe mindfuck, horror and deep stuff children would never understand. Don't write it off as something silly is what i'm saying.
Starting off with anime you should watch if you haven't seen any before, ie the very best (first impressions can go a long way).
1. Death Note.
Anime fans knew this would be one of the first to show up. This is about a high-school student who's sick of the world. One day he finds a notebook titled Death Note and decides to pick it up. What he discovers is that this notebook can kill anyone, as long as you know their name and face. With this notebook he starts changing the world, eventually aiming to become the god of a perfect world. The mindgames in this one are amazing and it's overall rather interesting. It's one of the series where you cheer for the villain :D.
2. Monster. 
Monster is a dark anime about a doctor working in Germany. One day he saves a young boy who has been shot in the head but doing so loses him his carreer, his fiance, etc. Years later when an injured thief is brought to him and he tells him about some serial murders going on around there. Suddenly, the boy from back then, all grown up n shit, shows up and kills this man. The doctor is blamed for a big part of the murders because of that and he goes on a journey to clear his name, trying to find more about the young man too. Deep, dark and goddamn interesting. Nothing supernatural here.

3. Mushishi
Mushishi is quite a bit different from the two up there. It's set in feudal Japan, in a world full of unnatural phenomenon simply called mushi (=bug in Japanese). Mushi is a terrifying, primitive life-form that takes countless shapes and sizes, most of them directly affecting or even outright deadly to humans. The people who study and help others with mushi-related trouble are called Mushishi. This anime follows the travels of a man named Ginko. It's really a must watch to anyone interested in eastern cultures because this has a lot of it. This doesn't have much of a constant storyline, each episode tells its own.
With these three, i'm going to call it quits for the day or maybe write more in the evening. I just woke up, gotta have breakfast and go to work, plus this will turn out too tl;dr.
Cheers, enjoy the shows and go get drunk in the evening or smth, it's Friday after all.


  1. I am new to the genre.
    I shall start with your list.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. I'm confused. Aren't all these old now?

  3. Yeah, they're old. They're good too tho.

  4. Oooh that Monster anime plot looks pretty cool. I will look forward to watching the pilot episode when it comes out. Cheers!

  5. Have been wanting to watch death note for a long time....

    favorite movie/series = Akira (anyone who hasn't seen it... should)

  6. All three of those animes sound really interesting. I've only read he Death Note manga, but I was unable to finish it because it just became too dull and boring for me during the investigations. Regardless, this anime was spectacular none the less.

  7. Great list. Im Kinda new to this so thanks for the info

  8. Nice blog bro, and thanks for the blog tips.