Tuesday, September 28, 2010



Remilia Scarlet series 4 plush doll  IN STOCK !!!
A must have for any remi fan. I got a mail regarding my preorder this morning and they're down to only 3 pieces. GET ONE NOW. LIKE RIGHT NOW GODDAMMIT!!
Just for info, these usually sell out in a coupla days, especially the popular characters (like remi OH GOD SO CUTE).
So, any fans of the chibi vampire, ORDER NOW.

Longer post tomorrow morning, did some research on upcoming anime cons and interesting gigs across all of europe today. Looking forward to quite a few.
Also, i'm in need of some help - i need accommodation in osaka from dec 17 to jan 3 this year, going for comiket and visiting a few friends. Cheers and ORDER THE FUCK NOW

Peace, Andu.


  1. aww so cute

    supp and followin'


  2. Awesome stuff, although I'm not going to buy one! Following!

  3. What is this strawberry shortcake looking thing? I think the g/f would like it.

  4. @surrealmethod
    Yeah it does look like one, doesn't it :D:D
    I'm actually a well known as a plush collector around here and since touhou is my favorite series AND remilia is my favorite character, it's just the thing for me. Also, i'm going to get remilia tatoo'd on my back, in full color, as soon as i get the money. Posting pic in next update.

  5. Enjoy your collection and try to let it grow as far as you can!!

  6. I'm not a touhou fan but this is cute, I'd buy it.