Thursday, October 7, 2010

Capitalism, ho!

Oh god, this game. It's been keeping me up for days now. I can't stop playing it. Seriously.
Ok, anyways, lets get this over with so i can go back to play. This is the side of a normal RPG that you usually don't see - Adventurers kill shit in dungeons. Simple. That's not what you do, however. You're the one who supplies said adventurers with healing items and gear. Yeah, you run an item shop as an adorable loli. And that thing with wings? That's basically your boss. That fairy comes to your house one day to collect your father's debt, which is ridiculously huge (seriously). She leaves you with two options - pay up or lose the fucking house. During the game you lose your house rather often (more on that later). The weekly payments start at 10 000 and raise every week (second week is 30k, third 80k and fourth 200k). So what do you do to make profit? Yeah, if it was just selling, it wouldn't be too interesting. The game features a merchant's guild that provides you with items at some base price. The available items increase as your merchant level increases. Then there's the farmers' market that can have weird shit. To be capable of making profit with your shop, the second week introduces a feature - sometimes items drop and raise in price, sometimes the demand for certain stuff goes up and so on. So you buy like the most fucking expensive stuff you can while its cheap and sell it when the price goes up so you make like 4 times profit. Pretty fucking nice. Still, this isn't everything. Sometimes people will come in and ask for something not so specific, at which point you need to recommend something. Also, people like to place orders at your shop and pick them up later - this is a great way to sell more than one item at a time. Over time you can redecorate your shop (depending on your merchant level) - new floor tiles, carpets, walls, you can also enlarge your shop a few times. Another great part of this game comes with the adventurers' guild.
This guild has adventures for hire and you can enjoy some dungeon action with them. You kill shit, get loot to sell at your shop or use a fusion option with some monster body parts and regular market items to make stuff that's essentially the best in the game. Sound good so far? Well it's about to get pretty shitty in a second. Your gameplay is limited by time. Every day you have 4 periods of time: morning, noon, afternoon, evening. At night you sleep, naturally. Opening shop uses up one time period. Going shopping for shit to sell uses up one as well. Dungeons? Yeah they use 2. Taking into account your weekly payments, this means you're fucked. If you actually want to finish the game in one go (there are 8 weeks in game), you can't do anything but pull off genius sales, pump as much money out of people as humanly possible, only have stuff on sale that has increased prices and so on. The little girls will be your archnemesis (you'll know what i mean when you play). If you wanna go dungeon crawling with some dude who is willing to fucking die for you (but not take you in when you lose your house), you better get some epic loot. Else you'll end up like this.
Yeah, in a cardboard box. Now look what you did, that loli has to suffer cause of your stupidity. What did you do, sell candy to those lolis? Yeah, not the smartest move, they have no fucking money and you can't rip them off even with cheap items. Don't worry tho, your soul isn't on its way to hell just yet. Every time you lose your house, you simply restart from week 1 but you keep everything - store expansions, items, money, adventurers' cards. And adventurers keep their levels. I'm on my 8th round right now. Cause i'm a failure when it comes to running a shop. I like those little girls so i sell them cheap candy. I like those damn dungeons cause i get epic loot. What i don't like is sitting in the store all day. Anyways, i think this round will end it for me cause i've got so much stuff saved up that, really, you wouldn't believe. As the screenshots show, the graphics aint much tho (pretty much psx-level or so) but the sounds fit well. I do recommend turning the voices off because the cliché anime girl squeaking will get on your nerves more often than not. Also, note that this isn't some weeaboo bullshit, it's actally fun for everyone so go get this game in whatever way you like ($20 on steam or torrent for free) and play.   Capitalism, ho! motherfuckers


  1. Also i gotta write a rant post about writing this post, getting those pictures aligned in the right way was a bitch. And other stuff. Fuck it was annoying, never gonna try to wrap text around images again

  2. What. The. Fuck. I WANT THIS GAME BAD

  3. This game sounds really fun, DO WANT! :D

  4. Haha nice! CAPITALISM, HO!!! :D That's my new catchphrase, btw.


  6. might try this out, thanks :)