Saturday, October 2, 2010

Damn them all!!

Oh god, guess how drunk i got last night. 4 beers to start with at around 2 PM, followed by a pizza (small, only ate half of it, gave the rest away - a man's gotta eat, right?), half a bottle of a .5l bottle of vodka. Then pause, went to a friend's birthday party and everything went to shit. He had like 5 litres of vodka, several litres of rum, some limoncello (google it up, it's fucking awesome), champagne and uh
i passed out some time after 2 am.

Anyways, i'm back with some bad news. AMV Hell 5 is STILL not out and it was supposed to be released fucking forever ago. Ok, maybe 2 days at most but still, pisses me off. To those that don't know a thing about AMV Hell: AMV Hell is a series of music videos (amv = animated music video) that are usually pretty funny. The special part here is that AMV Hell is fucking amazing, not some low-brow naruto fangirl crap that YouTube is full of. The first one is already quite long and they get longer as the number goes higher (Hell 4 was 1.5h+, don't remember exactly). AMV Minis are pretty popular too atm, they're like short versions of AMV Hell - kinda like comparing a short episode to a full length movie. Check them out.
Something good happened too actually. Fate/Stay Night, one of my favorite visual novels, got it's second story arc (Unlimited Blade Works) animated the beginning of this year. It was shown in theatres til around the end of March i think (not sure tho) and i never saw it. What i saw yesterday morning when lurking tokyotoshokan - UBW BDrip RAW out. Planning to watch it later today.
Longer post on more anime recommendations and prolly a review on some newer stuff coming tomorrow/the day after.
Cheers, drink beer but not too much.

Fuck that, i'm bored so i'll add a first impressions thingy on winter 2011 anime here.
Stole the pic from these guys

So, first impressions.
Fractale sounds like Chrono Trigger. Seriously - girl disappears, leaves behind a pendant, boy uses pendant to travel to find her and eventually finds out about a major plot going down with the remains of an ancient supercivilization (last bit on CT only..). Probably won't watch more than the pilot.
Infinite Stratos sounds like shit tbh. Probably tons of ecchi, fanservice and crap like that. Do Not Want.
Gosick sounds good and i'll probably post about it on this blog as well (episode reviews as i go, that is).
Supernatural sounds pretty nice, reminds me of something but i can't quite put my finger on it. Afraid of the engrish tho (cause its set in the US). Anyways, probably gonna follow it on this blog. 
Hourou Musuko has such an overused plot that it's not even funny anymore. Maybe the genderswap thingy makes up for it. I'll check out the pilot.
Beelzebub sounds funny. Will watch the pilot at least.
Mitsudumoe 2 is a must watch, first season is full of lulz.
Wolverine: no. No anime based on Marvel has been good so far. Not even one.
Kore wa Zombie desu ka? : holy shit deen, srsly? Not watching this one, never.
Dragon Crisis might be funny. Will probably follow it on this blog.
Cardfight Vanguard - most likely not watching. I did enjoy Yu-Gi-Oh but that was years ago.
So that concludes the first part of the list. This isn't a complete list, as you probably guessed. I'm expecting about 15 series to be added to this list. I'll make a post about it when more are announced.


  1. I love reading about other peoples lives. Very entertaining read!

  2. I loved the post! Very funny! I hope to see more soon =]

  3. Sounds like a bomb night. Hope you feel alright.

  4. Have you seen Rurouni Kenshin? It's my new favorite anime.

  5. How the hell can you drink that much alcohol? :p You should be dead by now.

  6. LOL
    It wasn't just me, there were a coupla other guys too. And i always have hangovers when i mix drinks like that lol.
    Also, yeah 've seen Rurouni Kenshin, it's pretty damn epic.

  7. I dont realy like limocelo xD but I guess you were so drunk that you didnt care xD

  8. Just wanted to thank you for your previous post since I only just saw it, only knew Death Note (and saw part of it with my ex-gf) so definitely going to finish it now since it gets another recommendation and definitely going to watch the other two :D

  9. haha i've been in that state before, not remembering anything you did is the worst lol

  10. haha, you should take it easy with the alcohol m8 :)

  11. Winter 2011 sounds like its going to be a great season.

  12. I'm not caught up with my anime. I watch stuff that came out years ago.

    awesome blog as always!

  13. hey, this is one of my more favorite posts from you :)

  14. I think you might be an alcoholic.