Monday, October 4, 2010

More recommendations!

Back from my daily round of delicious jogging. I'm making progress - my overall endurance has gone up a bit, now i can last a full 30 minute round without walking breaks.
Anyways, like today's title suggests - more recommendations, this time, some more recent stuff.

1. Durarara!!
aka DRRR!!

This is a strange one. It's from the makers of Baccano (which i also enjoyed, very much so) and the show has some pretty blunt references to it. From the very beginning, even from the opening sequence, you can easily notice that Durarara was made by Ryohgo Narita, the creator of Baccano. Everything about this show (besides the setting) reminds me of Baccano.
The main character, Ryuugamine Mikado, is a country guy who starts school in Ikebukuro, Tokyo. Life in Tokyo is the theme here, with a little supernatural twist - there are various different characters, each with a kind of special ability (KIND OF, NOTE THAT! THIS AINT YOUR AVERAGE SHOUNEN CRAP). The interaction of the main characters, all revolving around Mikado, the gang wars and dark pasts/secrets of the characters is fun to watch, it's exciting and really, it's amazing. Watch it now ( i know i suck reviewing on-the-go -___-).
The soundtrack is fucking win as well: uploading the second opening:

2. Kimi ni Todoke

Something cuter this time. This is a (groundbreaking) shoujo romance anime with the difference that... everything about it is different from the average shoujo bit. It takes the classic parts and plot devices of a romance anime and completely turns them around. In short, it's enjoyable.
The main character is Sawako who looks (and acts) like Sadako, the girl from "The Ring." She is misunderstood by pretty much everyone, people are afraid of her but all this changes when she meets and manages to talk to a guy with a really nice personality (the kind with lots of friends, who seemingly can't do anything wrong). Anyways, fans of the genre should definitely check this out.

3. Hellsing Ultimate
Ok, i'll be honest, this isn't new at all. "Ultimate" is the rewrite of the original Hellsing, 10 times better, episodes air every now and then (OVA format, 7 episodes are out atm with no announced final episode in sight). It's just that... it's the "awesome" surrounding this series that pretty much forces me to put it on this list. If you've seen the original Hellsing, watch this anyway, this one is way better. If you haven't seen Hellsing at all... brace for a day full of epic badassery. Every character in Hellsing is badass, all fight scenes are full of win and the amount of blood and gore is just right.The thing that might put you off from watching this is the fact that this is about vampires. And monsters. It's hard to make a good vampire movie when so many have been made already. The reason you should watch this? In the sea of piss and shit, this is the gem you're looking for. 8th episode should come in October, until then, you have 7x50 minutes of pure awesome to watch.

And now, time for a public service announcement:  
 And i'm off for the day, to make food and get my daily dose of alcohol. See ya again tomorrow.


  1. I've already seen most of these but I'll check the ones I haven't seen out.

  2. I've seen them all and I can recommend them :D!

  3. Great post!

    looking forward to reading the next one

  4. Awesome, I've been looking for new animes to watch. Glad to hear you're getting in shape too, keep it up.

  5. i might have a look at these... possibly at some point in time, also whoo for being healthy and not slacking off and getting fat =D

  6. my brother made me watch a bunch of helsing with him lol

  7. Awesome, going to go download some new anime.

  8. its been awhile since i watched anime :P this was interesting though.

  9. i've seen the first one, but not the rest. don't know if i want to start watching anime again..