Saturday, February 5, 2011

Coming back alive, playing ragnarok again tho :/

The title says it all. The reason I stopped updating this blog was simple - I was just too busy. Now that the semester is over and I'm getting a longer break from everything, I'll start posting again. And with that, my first post of the year.
Ragnarok Online, an MMO I've played for some years now. Shit got boring at one point, everything was the same everywhere - builds, the way WoE went, the maps/monsters/etc got no upgrades whatsoever. Mostly because I only played private servers (lol). Well, I started playing again, hoping that things would be different this time around. I took about a week to do research on different servers and landed on CookieRO. And this server changed everything. Literally. It had the new Renewal client with all its features. What does Renewal change, you might ask? Well, I already said - everything. Unlike regular updates which only add maps, monsters and maybe a quest or two, this does the following:
* Changes the exp calculation (for needed exp to level up, it's much faster now, to 99 trans at least).
* Matches monsters' strength to reflect the map they're on (for example, payon dungeon 1 is no longer the place you go to straight after changing to your first job - familiars now have over 400 hp and hit pretty hard, zombies are way weaker than they used to be and skeletons are the strongest on this floor)
* Changes the way stats work. This part would take too long to describe so lets just say it made things harder. For more info on this, check out IRO wiki .
* Added a "new world" which is a bunch of new maps, complete with unique monsters, etc.
* Added third job classes - the main reason I'm playing again.

There's a ton more stuff it changed but I won't list them all because they're either minor changes or of no interest to me. Google up a changelog if you must know.
Info on the server I'm playing:
Exp rate 15/15/10, 2x droprate for MVP cards, 20x exp for quests. 
Max level 150/50 (99/50 for non-trans, 99/70 for trans)
Stat cap 120 (for third jobs, 99 for the rest)
Average player count (not counting merchants) is about 80.

So yea, join me if you want to check this out without having to endure the mind-numbing grind on IRO. My in-game nick is Kaguya Houraisan (I'm a faggot, I know. haha), an archbishop at lv 110/20 right now.


  1. Why would you play Ragnarok, like, seriously ?!

  2. Yay Ragnarok! It was my favorit game in my childhood! but its still damn good ; D